Dependent Prepositions

Some things in English simply have to be memorised. One of the biggest problems for learners of English at any level is the use of prepositions. Very often, learners ‘literally’ translate them, which ends up in good in dancing and not good at dancing. [...]

Metaphors and idioms: The Body

The mind is the ocean…. Naked eye… Bad hair day…. Have you ever thought why the brain is a place where fish live and why our eyes have no clothes, or why there is a day of the bad hair? Obviously, the mind has [...]

Verb Patterns

To be or not to be? Doing or not doing? That is the question…   Have you ever thought why in English we sometimes use ‘to+verb’ or ‘verb+-ing’? Well, there are no rules as to what verb form to use after a certain verb or phrase or even [...]