Common English Sayings

There are a couple of common phrases that foreigners use in the conversation. Let's take a look at the meaning of those common sayings. Every cloud has a silver lining: A bad situation always has something good in it. Ex: “I broke my leg when I [...]

How to use I wish/If only

We can use I wish/ if only to show how we want something to be different when talking about annoyances, regrets or hopes and dreams (that are unlikely or impossible). Annoyances “I wish/ if only he would speak a little slower so I could understand [...]


It’s no secret that video games are hugely popular these days with young and old alike. But do you know your favorite games genre to help you better describe it to someone?       Platformer /ˈplætfɔːmə/ 1st person shooter /ˈfɜːst ˈpɜːsn̩ ˈʃuːtə/     Beat-em up /biːt əm ʌp/ Role playing game (RPG) /rəʊl pleɪɪŋ ɡeɪm/     Puzzle [...]

Defining and Non-Defining Relative Clauses

Defining Give us essential information about a person, thing or place. Without the information it is difficult to understand who is being spoken about or what something is. EG: That’s the man who stole the handbag. The sentence identifies which man is being spoken about. We can replace who, [...]

Opinion Adjectives

Vocabulary - Opinion Adjectives  Adjective Definition Example Disturbing /dɪˈstɜːbɪŋ/ Very worrying. I find it deeply disturbing that children and forced to work in factories. Unethical /ʌnˈeθɪkl/ To describe actions as morally wrong. It seems unethical for a teacher to help a student cheat on a test. Reasonable /ˈriːznəbl̩/ Having a good/fair reason for doing something. Being late for work [...]