If you would like to study English, but are not sure whether to study on-line or take a group class, how about considering a one-on-one study program?

Why study one-on-one?

  • Regain passive knowledge
  • Have a specific goal to achieve (for example, achieve a higher IELTS band score and plan to study abroad)
  • Wish to refine specific skills
  • Require flexible study time
  • Less intimidating than a group class
  • Want personalized attention from a teacher
  • Want to fast track learning

Benefits of undertaking a one-on-one study program at ELC

  • Following a consultation session with the individual student the teacher tailors the study program to help students reach their goals
  • The teacher customizes and adapts each lesson to students’ personal learning styles
  • The study program is tailored to students’ individual needs, and focuses on developing and improving the skills they specifically require.
  • Students have the unique opportunity for intensive practice and are able to move at their own pace in order to consolidate learning
  • Face-to-face study programs are 40 to 50 percent more effective than group classes because students directly interact with, and receive the maximum support from, the teacher

Why enrol for a one-on-one study program at ELC?

  • Teachers are professional, experienced, passionate and enthusiastic
  • Teachers have their students’ best interest at heart and enjoy building relationships with them
  • 100% native level English speaking teachers with at least an undergraduate degree and an English Language Teaching (ELT) qualification.
  • Modern and spacious classrooms with IT facilities including free WiFi
  • Customer service staff are professional and friendly, and support students from the beginning to the end of a study program, and beyond.

How to register for a one-on-one study program

Step 1: Contact ELC at (0274) 222 1323 for advice on study programs, time and tuition.

Step 2: After the study time and study program has been arranged, the student can register and complete the tuition before the class starts.