ELC: Serving the Local Community

ELC (Eastern International University Language Center) is here to serve the local community. Our Chatterbox classes help ELC to help you. You can experience our quality teaching, and the professional and comfortable learning environment we provide.

How do Chatterbox lessons serve the local community?

  • Students improve speaking and listening skills.
  • Students have the opportunity to speak with a native speaker.
  • Students make friends.
  • Students speak English in a friendly environment.
  • Students experience speaking about many different topics.

Our Chatterbox lessons allow you to do all this at a very reasonable cost!

1. Introduction

What is Chatterbox?

  • Chatterbox is an English Speaking Club for students aged 11 and above. All students are Elementary level, or above, so everyone can communicate using only English.
  • Our Chatterbox lessons aim to help students to speak fluently and confidently. Students use the grammar and vocabulary they know to communicate about high-interest topics. Students need to use the language they already know to communicate effectively. When students want to know something more to help them explain their ideas, the teacher will help.
  • Students will practice giving their own opinions and hearing the opinions of others in discussions, debates, presentations, role-plays and more. Students will practice talking about many topics.
  • All teachers have experience and knowledge in teaching speaking skills. Teachers help students speak more fluently and with more confidence. At the same time, teachers will help with accuracy in use of grammar and pronunciation.
  • Students have the freedom to join Chatterbox when it’s convenient for them- No daily/weekly commitment is required.

2. Participants

Chatterbox lessons are for these people:

  • Students who want to practice English communication with many attractive, rich and highly applicable topics. Chatterbox lessons will help you talk about your life, work, and study, as well as the world around you.
  • Students who want to improve their ability to communicate in a 100% English speaking environment.
  • Students who want to meet and interact with many different students and find new friends.
  • Students who want the opportunity to interact with native English teachers from many different countries.

3. Course Objectives

What do students learn in Chatterbox?

  • Practice English speaking skills, at a level appropriate for their current level of English, for example: develop fluency, make longer speaking turns, interrupt politely, maintain conversation, paraphrase, improve pronunciation
  • Practice using grammar, vocabulary, and functional language, at a level appropriate for their current level of English, for example: talk about the past, present, and future, talk about a wide variety of topics, give opinions, and listen to the opinions of others, talk about, talk about topics close to them, and other topics they have never talked about before, give suggestions, and react to the suggestions of others
  • Other benefits: make friends, learn about new topics, develop their own opinions and judgements, get motivated to learn English, and practice more, increase confidence, start a new activity

4. Student benefits

What are the benefits of Chatterbox lessons?

  • Flexible time for students, including busy people. Students come to class whenever they are free.
  • Cheap price: Only 500,000 VND / 10 hours. That’s the same as 10 lessons with 100% native teachers.
  • Study in a comfortable, modern, spacious environment.
  • Opportunity to gain other benefits, including free lessons, by attending Chatterbox classes.

5. Registration process

How do students take part in Chatterbox?

Step 1: Speaking test

Students take part in a speaking test with a member of staff. Chatterbox students need to be able to speak about Chatterbox topics using only English. Students whose level of English isn’t currently good to participate should do extra practice before joining Chatterbox.

Step 2: Buying Chatterbox

Student buys a Chatterbox ticket to participate. Ticket price: 500,000 VND/ticket equivalent to 10 hours (10 lessons). Ticket price includes study materials (if any) for each lesson.

Step 3: Participating

Students come to class whenever they want. Each topic is discussed for only one lesson and lessons don’t follow each other.

When a student attends class, the teacher will sign their Chatterbox ticket.

Chattebox Schedule from 4 October  to 23 November 2022

Week Day and Date Topics for Adults Topics for Children
Week 1 Tuesday 04 October Introductions Introductions
Wednesday 05 October Animals Animals
Week 2 Tuesday 11 October Food and drink Food and drink
Wednesday 12 October Traveling abroad Traveling
Week 3 Tuesday 18 October Natural disasters Sports
Wednesday 19 October Part-time jobs Making friends
Week 4 Tuesday 25 October My Favourite things My Favourite things
Wednesday 26 October University My school
Week 5 Tuesday 01 November Weather Weather
Wednesday 02 November TV programs TV programs
Week 6 Tuesday 08 November Places in Vietnam Places in Vietnam
Wednesday 09 November Books Books
Week 7 Tuesday 15 November Likes and dislikes Likes and dislikes
Wednesday 16 November Popstars Popstars
Week 8 Tuesday 22 November Fashion Pets
Wednesday 23 November Famous companies My family