This program is designed for learners whose English proficiency level is at least Elementary (evaluated through a Placement test.)

This program is provided for those who need intensive training in listening and speaking skills.

Suitable for those who work in English speaking environments.

It helps you communicate confidently when socializing, traveling, studying and working.

Our carefully considered teaching programs have been specifically designed with the aim of improving learners’ speaking and listening skills.

Extensive practice of pronunciation skills affords students the opportunity to develop correct intonation, rhythm, stress and connected speech patterns.

Studying time is equally divided between Language Input sessions in the first half of each lesson wherein students become familiar with sentence patterns, vocabulary and idioms.  In the second half, known as the Practice session, students have the opportunity to practise the language they have been taught and receive feedback from the teacher and peers.

Studying English exclusively with native-speaker English language teachers will enable students to acquire and use language accurately.

Details about class schedules are available here