Demonstrative pronouns

What is the different among this, these, that, those? What is the rule when we use them? Let's start. this and these We use this (singular) and these (plural) as pronouns: to talk about people or things near us: This is a nice cup of coffee. Whose flip flops are these? to introduce people: This is Huy. These are my friends Huy and [...]


We use the past tense to talk about: Something that happened once in the past: I met my wife in 1983. We went to Spain for our holidays. They got home very late last night. Something that happened several times in the past: When I was a boy, I walked a mile to school every day. We swam a lot [...]

Giving directions

1. Match the pictures with the words next to /nekst tuː/   opposite /ˈɒp.ə.zɪt/    go straight ahead /ɡəʊ streɪt  əˈhed /   between /bɪˈtwiːn/  turn left /tɜːn left/     at the corner of /ət ðə ˈkɔː.nər əv /   go past /ɡəʊ pɑːst/ cross  /krɒs/ turn right /tɜːn raɪt/ Now see the answer [...]

Beginner Grammar – Third person singular

Third person singular is the form of a verb used with singular nouns and with the pronouns he, she, it Most of the verbs take the letter “s” to form the third person singular Example live = lives work = works eat = eats read = reads Verbs ending in “sh/ch/o/x/ss” [...]

Beginner Vocabulary – Family

Parent /ˈpeə.rənt/ - a mother or father of a person Grandparents /ˈɡræn.peə.rənts/ - the father or mother of a your parents Grandmother /ˈɡræn.mʌð.ər/ - your mother’s or father’s mother Grandfather /ˈɡræn.fɑː.ðər/ - your mother’s or father’s father Mother /ˈmʌð.ər/ - female parent Father /ˈfɑː.ðər/ - male parent Uncle /ˈʌŋ.kəl/ - brother of your mother or father Aunt /ɑːnt/ [...]