Idioms to talk about health

Let's have a look at those idioms. to really hurt: some part of your body is in a lot of pain to be rushed to hospital: to be taken to hospital quickly to be alive and kicking: to be in good health to be fit as a fiddle: [...]

How to tell the time

I./ A quarter past (Quarter = 15 min) Q: What time is it? A: It is 6:15 AM or It is a quarter past six. A: It is 6:15 PM or It is a quarter past six.   II./ Half (Half = 30 min) Q: What time is it? A: It [...]


I. Present simple: I/you/we/they positive and negative statements Use the present simple to talk about: • Things which are always true. Example: I come from Vietnam. I like coffee. • Habits and routines. Example: We play badminton on Sundays. In the negative, use don’t + [...]

Confusing words – Part 1

Similar words that can be difficult to use correctly in English! Mistakes are common when there are no exact equivalents in your native language, or when rules on usage differ. Let’s look at the differences between those words below by explaining how each word [...]


This /That / These / Those (Demonstrative pronouns) This These We use this to talk about a singular    person/thing/place that is near us. Remember: This + is + singular (near us) Example: This is a bookstore. -> “bookstore” We use these to talk about (plural)     people/things/places that are near us. Remember: These + [...]